Easy Verification
This handicapping system does have full Internet support for verifying your handicap instantly.

Loyalty Schemes
Members will benefit from a wide variety of loyalty schemes - details available on request.

Promoting and Supporting Golf
As a Players Golf Club member you will have the satisfaction of knowing that portions of your fees will be going to the SAGA, Local Golf Unions and Junior Golf development. The Club will always endeavor to support the game of golf through its own and other development programmes.

New members will receive two free golf lessons from Golf Instructor in your area.
You will receive an official SAGA affiliated membership card.
Regular Players Golf Club golf days country wide.
Affiliated golf rates at most golf courses.
Affiliated Partners.

Players Golf Club lessons/Instruction.
Golf Events & Pro-Ams.
Website Access.
Golf News and Results.
084 309 8803 (offices hours only)
Representation Nationwide.

One year membership to the Players Golf Club.
Invitations to Corporate Golf Days.
Invitations to various PGC Pro - Ams. and PGC Golf days
Discounts on golf equipment

The Players Golf Club SAGA Handicap Card informs everyone that you have an OFFICIAL HANDICAP and are a member of a unique club. Your handicap is controlled by the official SAGA handicapping system.


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